What is Contact Pro CRM

Stop! Forgetting conversations, Neglecting Leads and Loosing Sales!

Contact Pro CRM integrates all communication technology into one simple to use sales conversion platform. Login to ONE System, Automate Your Marketing Campaign, Track all Communication and Convert More Sales Effortlessly!
Hire: Contact Pro CRM to design your custom business system so that you can automate your repetitive tasks and you can focus on what is important to you: Growing your business and Delivering Excellent products or services to your customers

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Priority Management

Contact Management

Stop looking for names and numbers that were quickly scribbled on a post-it note. Easily enter and find contact information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Sales Goals and Tracking

Managing a sales team is a tricky task. Setting sales goals and creating accountability is a key to small business success. When combined with the lead source tracking and visual sales funnel tools, sales personnel can be accurately assessed based on

Visual Task Management

While we understand your memory is probably fantastic, some of us forget the occasional meeting. Get automatic reminders for important meetings, follow-up calls, and more.

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Sales Automation

Track Lead Sources

Wondering if your marketing efforts are paying off? Track how you obtained new customers in order to find out the lifetime value of customers from each refferal source.

lead tracking


Bulk Emailing

We understand the difficulties of sending out emails through some major email programs. We also know creating segmented customer lists can be a pain. We have simplified this process in order to make sending emails to your lists as painless as possible

Visual Sales Funnel

Now that you are tracking where leads come from, let’s also track where in the sales process they are. This is a great tool for helping you figure out where leads are dropping out, and what your business can do to help take them to the next step.

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Communication Management

In-app emailing

Save time by emailing prospects and clients directly from your ContactPro account. This saves you time switching between programs and gives you the opportunity to use our great email interface.


SMS and Email Reminders

For business owners on the go SMS text messages or emails may be the best way to get reminders. Get meeting locations, building addresses, and contact numbers on the fly.

In App Mobile and Land Based Calls

No NEW devices! For business owners that want to have their current cell phone integrate with their CRM and track all of their communication with potential, current and past customers.

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